Q: Why Should I Consign?

— Have you ever taken boxes of your expensive baby clothes or gear to a store that buys and resells only to be disappointed by how little cash they offer? If you are a boutique owner, have you been faced with giving away your overstock or past season items to liquidators for pennies on the dollar?

In general, people who consign will make 4 to 5 times the amount they would receive in cash up front arrangements. Consignment returns to the consignor a percentage of the final selling price and not a low ball up front cash offer where the buyer is assuming the risk of sale.

We provide an alternative to buy and resell chains by providing you with an atmosphere and setting that is upscale in nature to present your higher end items for sale. This enables you to earn the highest possible return for your items and consigning puts more of your hard earned dollars back in your pocket. And, at the end of the consignment period, unsold inventory still belongs to you to do with as you please or can be donated to wonderful local charitable organizations where they are distributed directly to individuals in need of such items.

Q: Why Should I Buy Consignment?

— At Ladybug Landing we can certainly appreciate the challenges and expense of outfitting yourself through pregnancy as well as the subsequent years of outfitting your growing children.

We offer top-quality, boutique and name-brand, like-new and gently-used items at affordable and reasonable prices every day. There is no waiting for special sale days for access to name brand clothing. Our selection is always changing as new inventory is added daily. You also get the pleasure of shopping in an upscale boutique setting without the boutique prices.

Q: Are you choosy about what you accept?

— Absolutely! Please keep in mind that there will be items that we will not be able to accept due to brand, style, condition, or based on our knowledge of what items are in demand from our customers. Please understand that these choices are part of what make our establishment a success for you as both a consignor and a customer.

Q: Why do you stop accepting items in early April for Summer and by October for fall and winter? That seems so early!

— What many people don’t realize is that the peak consignment sales month for spring and summer is March and for fall and winter it is September and October. By mid April most people have finished shopping for spring and summer and items begin to be discounted. By the end of October most shoppers have finished shopping for the fall winter season. We never like to accept items past the 1st of April for Spring or past the first of October for fall because you have missed your optimal chance to make the most from your consignment. Your items will not have long on the sales floor before we begin seasonal sales. You will likely be disappointed that many of your things don’t sell and often times the ones that do are at a discounted selling price.

The secret to making the most from your consignment is to get your items on the sales floor early in the season. This will give your items the maximum amount of exposure at full selling price and you have a much better opportunity to earn top dollar for your items. This will make for a much more lucrative consignment experience for you and you will be much more satisfied with your overall consignment experience. We begin accepting in early January for our spring/summer season and just after July 4th for fall/winter items.

Q: Hey! Where’s My Stuff?? I just used your on-line look-up and the items I brought in earlier this season no longer show up. Are my things gone?

— The on-line account look-up is a service we subscribe to and make available to our consignors. This is a great tool that allows consignors to see their account balance, which is updated at the end of each business day. This service also shows consignors a detailed list of their consigned items, and whether those items have been sold or if they are still available for sale.

Unfortunately, a limitation of the list portion of this service is that it is written for typical consignment practices, in which merchandise is offered for a relatively short consignment period. The maximum period that this service will show an item on the list is 90 days. Ladybug Landing consigns your items for an entire season, so it is possible that you will have items on our floor available for sale past the 90 days that an item can be displayed on your listing.

This also explains why an “Out” date (90 days after consignment) is displayed for each of your listed consignment items. In a typical consignment store this “Out” date would be a pickup date for items that have not sold during the limited consignment period. Because Ladybug Landing consigns for the entire season, this “Out” date is not applicable to your items and can be ignored.

Rest assured that all of your unsold consignment items will stay on our floor until Ladybug Landing officially ends its season. At that time, consignors who asked to have unsold items returned will be notified via our monthly newsletter and via our Facebook announcement that unsold items are available and should be picked up during the following two-week period. If unsold items are not picked up during that time, they become store property, most of which are then donated to charities.

The only relevance of the “Out” date is that an item won’t be displayed on the online service after that date, even though it may still be available for sale in our store. Please keep in mind that we maintain an internal record of all of your account items and that a detailed listing of your items is always available by e-mail throughout the season. You may always contact us directly for this information even if it is not displayed via the online service.

Please note, however, that the cash balance indicated online for your account continues to be updated at the end of each day, regardless of whether all of your items are still being shown on the detailed listing. Therefore, your account balance shown online should be accurate as of the end of the previous business day.